shinin-like-fireworks asked:

Hello! Just wanted to say I love your blog so much, and greatly appreciate all your thoughtful and generous advice. I have a question - I've been asked to orient a new hire for the first time. I'm obviously so excited, but also nervous because I want to do a good job. Do you have any advice or tips on how to be a kick-ass preceptor?

GREAT question.  So great, in fact, that I’m going to just write a post today about it!  

I wrote one a while back about orienting a struggling new grad, but I really think I need one with tips on orienting someone in general.  Stay tuned - I’ll try to have it up this weekend!  

Here’s that post in the meantime: Orienting a Struggling New Grad 

Coworkers, and employers with a shared work ethic are a sort of life jacket in health care. If you’ve got respect and synergy between management, doctors, nurses, techs, nursing assistants, transport, dietary, respiratory, physical therapy, housekeeping, dietary, clerks, and all members of the health care team - you can survive even the most brutal of days, ideally with a little humility, and humor at the finish line. A shared work ethic may not mean you’ll always agree, however, the basis of what you stand for ought to be in balance. When the mission and vision of an institution radically departs from what’s manifested in actuality - significantly compromising safety, quality of care, and job satisfaction; it is perhaps time to acknowledge the learning opportunity for what it was, wish them well, but recognize not all connections are built to last, and look on with no regrets to a change in journey.

Nurse X (via dancingnurse-ed)